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Her cover blown by a patrol team, Thendria ducked into the nearby forest so the tanks couldn't zone in on her too soon. They were thick and well-rooted, giving even the heavy, tread-based vehicles problems in trying to knock them over, but that's what infantry was for. The dozen or more human soldiers continued to manage in getting behind her, aiming for her legs with the usual solid rounds, but just as she'd experienced before, some of them were using laser-based weaponry, and those burns were hard to fix for the biokinetics at home.

She kept her footwork up, seemingly going deeper into the forest when she was trying to arch her way out to the edge. She hit something with the back of her leg and looked down to spot a human soldier that had been knocked over, but at the same time, noticed two more coming from behind the trees in front of her. With a careful, but precise sweep of her foot, she lifted the grounded soldier with the tip of her boot and sent him right into his allies, bowling all three to the ground.

A line of debris and toppling trees was hailed by a blast of sound from beyond the edge of the forest, where one of the rail gun-outfitted tanks was on to her escape plan, keeping outside the clutter of trees where her head was above most of them. After a quick analysis, Thendria decided it wasn't necessary to call assistance from Verra, it would just be a little tricky on her own.

She ducked beneath the treeline, shuffling back where she had come from, seeing if maybe she could get a jump on the tank. A sonic boom from behind her told her no and it suddenly dawned on her that it would probably have thermal sighting for something like this. The rapports of light-arm fire sent her darting back through the trees, trying to keep beneath the trees and thinking of another way to lose the tank.

Thendria came a bit closer to the edge of the forest with a dual purpose; to be able to get a better line of sight on it, and to provoke it to fire on her. She doubted they'd hold off for long and knew they would shoot at her eventually. If there was one thing she'd learned about humans, it was they liked to shoot guns. The bigger the gun, the more excited they were, it seemed.

Sure enough, the rail-gun was prepping to fire at her, or more accurately, just ahead of her. Thendria took her chance just as she saw the magnetic rails start to brighten and doubled back, barrel-rolling out of the trees as the tank fired its main cannon. She drew her sword and leaped onto the tank as it skidded to a halt, the turret starting to swing around as her full weight hit the deck and bent in some of the armor. The Bicarbonate sword sliced off the railings, rendering it mostly disarmed, then jammed the sword in and out of the treads on either side to ruin its mobility before jumping off and dashing for her objective; the starport.

Verra and the team had been commissioned with the capture of a human military officer that intelligence had learned from recent POW sources. Orders were 'Bring him back alive at all costs', and it was decided that the actual capturing would be performed by none other than herself, and she wasn't about to disappoint command.

Aramathea, Unaona, and Jatiig had started the diversion less than 10 minutes ago and Verra was laying in wait to ensure the officer couldn't escape. Then had just gotten the acknowledgement from the sniper to make her move when the patrol team opened fire on her location. Had they not, she would have been at the starport already.

She tore into a headlong sprint, her white ponytail practically floating behind her. Coming up to a river, she jumped forward, rolling in the air and catching herself with both hands planting into the ground, swinging her legs and pushing off for all she could, curling into a ball to maintain inertia. Thendria stretched her legs out and landed, bending her knees and launching into another sprint.

In mere seconds she came up on the starport, spotting a shuttle towards the back where she was and a convoy of four-wheeled transports identified as 'hummers' as well as two more tanks. It was easy to guess the hummer in the middle was her target.

The vehicles had slowed to a stop, and as though to confirm her assumption, a soldier opened a door in the back of the middle hummer. No sooner had her target stepped out when three consecutive slugs hammered along the shuttle, nearly toppling it over. The humans were surprised for only a moment, but that was all Thendria needed to clear the fence and start to close in before they opened fire on her.

With one leap, the alaerin soldier soared above the tanks' line of fire managing to stick her landing in the middle of the convoy. Her heel caught the back end of the front most hummer, sending it vertical into the back of her leg armor, but she didn't have time for that. She reached down quickly and grabbed the front and back end of the officer's vehicle and quickly stepped back holding it to her chest.

A soldier on the ground ran in front waving his arms and yelling at his fellow troops, probably getting them to hold their fire. Thendria locked eyes with the soldier for a moment, stepping back cautiously before glancing at the other humans and tanks to watch for any advancement, but they had all pretty much lowered their weapons.

It surprised Then when she felt hot, stabbing pains immediately under her collarbone and the sound of a gun firing. The solider up front with the driver had rolled down the window and shot her at point blank range. There was a mess of yelling from inside the vehicle, but Thendria wasn't giving it heed. She turn the vehicle over, human yelling all over the place, and held it against her with one arm, using her free hand to feel for the opening of the window and stick her fingers to get a grip on the door.

A stern jerk of her hand was all that was needed to rip the door off before she found him with her hand. Possibly forgetting its real purpose in his panic, the soldier used the butt of his gun to attack her wrist as she tried to get him out. Finding him strapped to his seat, she did the next best thing, twisting the base of the chair some and pulling it out with him in it.

The soldier flailed in his seat, yelling in fright as his comrades looked on at her with their breath held. Thendria gave him a harsh look but lowered him level with her knee then bent them, giving a light under hand toss so he'd land face up with the chair taking the brunt of it.

With her priorities firmly established for them to see, she started to back up more quickly, stepping into the fence and pulling it for a few steps before kicking it off. Once she felt they weren't going to shoot her in the back, she turned around and took off for the rendezvous, Verra having called off Ara and the other's diversion once she was on top of the officer's hummer and called for a drop ship.

She made one last adjustment to her hold on the hummer, holding it sideways in the crook of her arm with the other holding on to the front to keep it steady. She wondered what the higher-ups were seeking from the officer, but that wasn't here or there, and her mission still wasn't finished until she handed off the target to the commander.
there we go, another story. This one is stand alone, but 'Minor Annoyance' takes place at the same time.

Legacy setting, alaerin/alareen, and UEC belong to :icondurendal5150:

Thendria Kol and Aramathea belong to :iconblazbaros:
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pieman300 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009
Jeez the soldier in hummer is going for one heck of a ride.
And the guards are probly thinking " command is not going be to happy about this at all!"
I'd hate to be the one to report this XD
shazzlnet Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
indeed. my sympathy to those poor men and women ^^;

I don't think anyone would want that job...
Blazbaros Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shazzlnet Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
hehe, that's what her mission parameters were ^^;
Blazbaros Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good job Shazzeh! :highfive:
shazzlnet Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
thanky ^^
timing2 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
:lol: I foresee a lot of demerits for those soldiers. Having the officer abducted right in front of them is embarrassing.
shazzlnet Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
poor guys and gals, but at least they live to fight another day ^^;
ericnthered123 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
Nicely done.
shazzlnet Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
thanks ^^
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