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January 16, 2009
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"...and I was in so much trouble that I didn't tell her it was broken right away. My mother was so upset because it was one of the first vases she ever crafted on her own." Siyyu Sen was discussing one of her embarrassing moments with some of the other crew members. Her close friend, Jeuno Kali, among them.

Siyyu was a technician who was rather new to this ship. She had never been on a battle cruiser, it was a big leap from a frigate to say the least. There were so many people and other technicians that did their job much better than her, she knew the only reason she was on the ship was because of Jeuno's, the ships navigator, recommendation.

Jeuno and two of the other crew members were listening with interest, while a taller one with exotically shaped blond hair was lying back in the booth with her eyes closed. She was apparently an engineer of some sort Jeuno had befriended since being on the ship, and was easily the tallest Alarian on the ship since Siyyu barely came up to her shoulder.

"So what did your mother do?" one of the others asked, but the tall woman interrupted, "I'll do something worse if she doesn't go check those conduits on level 3. She may be new but she needs to do her job on time, I don't care how highly Jeuno recommended her." Siyyu lowered her head, stood up, and silently jogged from the table.

"There was no need for that, Llura." Jeuno said sternly before chasing after Siyyu.

Siyyu stopped in front of the elevator waiting for the first available as Jeuno caught up with her. "Siyyu, I can assure you that Llura didn't mean it, she just likes to intimidate new crew members and doesn't know how to tone it down." Jeuno smiled as she put her hand to Siyyu's cheek.

She looked into Jeuno's golden eyes, "It's not that, I just don't think I'm good enough to be on a ship like this. It's so big and important; I doubt I'm half as good as the technicians on this ship." a tear of inadequacy started down her cheek, but Jeuno's sky blue thumb wiped it away.

"That's not true, you've never even been on a cruiser before. The biggest ships you worked on before were barely half the size of this one, so isn't it understandable that there should be more technicians? And I recommended you not just because your my friend, but because I knew you were up for." Jeuno stated with a gentle firmness.

The elevator door opened awaiting Siyyu, "Well, I should get down there, it is my job after all." She was about to turn to enter when Jeuno kissed her on the cheek. "Just don't mope about it, promise?" was all she said before walking back to the foyer. She held her hand on her cheek where Jeuno had kissed her all the way to the conduits she was supposed to work on. The kiss hadn't surprised Siyyu, they'd always had the habit of kissing each other good-bye, but this one felt different, it felt like something more than friendship was behind it.

Jeuno had been her friend for nearly her whole life, and their parents would always make the comment that they acted like a couple all the time. Not that Siyyu hadn't considered betrothing Jeuno, it just didn't feel like it was the right time to discuss it.

The distracted Alarian shook herself out of her trance and realized she had been standing in front of the panel for the conduits for sometime. Siyyu got right to work, adjusting and re-aligning the conduits for great utility. Eventually, she had an inspiration for the conduit and went off on that tangent.

Some time passed and she was finally done with her experiment. With any luck, what Siyyu managed to do was upon a power surge, the conduit would divide the electricity and send it through the subsidiary conduits, rather than the main power line. All she had to do was to enact a power surge.

The floor beneath her suddenly tilted back as an enormous BOOM rocked the ship, sending her tumbling against the opposite wall. Siyyu was looking down the hall and could see the lights going out. The lights above her flickered, but stayed on, and the no more lights turned off along the hall

'Success!' was her first thought, then it dawned on her that the ship was under attack! Siyyu managed to get to her feet and make it to a support rail since the ship was tilted and the gravity was acting up from the attack. The elevator she had used was down the dark half of the hall, so she had to make the trip up the hall to the next one.

She had made some progress when the ship started to right itself. Once it did, Siyyu started running down the hall, and saw the elevators ahead of her soon enough. Before she reached it, it opened and Jeuno jumped out, looking up and down the hall franticly, running to Siyyu the moment she spotted her.

"Jeuno, Why are you down here? You need to be on the bridge!" Siyyu called. Jeuno ran up to her and helped Siyyu to her feet, "I need to get you somewhere safe, theres an armory on this floor." The sky blue woman ran down the hall with Siyyu in tow, who only barely managed to keep up.

They reached a hall that Jeuno darted into, "Here, put this on quickly." She said pulling at Siyyu's clothes. "HEY! What are you doing?!" trying to cover herself. Jeuno threw a bodysuit at Siyyu, "You need to get this on so you can wear the armor, it has it's own oxygen supply." Siyyu was absentmindedly putting it on while her frantic friend filed through suits of armor of all sizes, "Jeuno, I know I'm your best friend, but you're letting down hundreds of people!" Siyyu continued to criticize Jeuno, but she just ignored her and started putting armor on Siyyu, who assisted only to get it done faster.

They ran out into the hallway again, but Siyyu had trouble keeping up, not used to wearing armor. The ship rocked a few more times but remained mostly level as they went down the hallway. They were passing the escape pods when an explosion from behind them made them stop to turn around. The ceiling crashed down completely, making any attempt of backtracking impossible. They turned back as a wall of flame erupted from a room ahead, "We're trapped!" Siyyu yelled, but then she felt her arm being yanked aside.

Jeuno was fidgeting with a panel in front of an escape pod. "Jeuno, I know it looks bad but..." Siyyu couldn't finish as her friend pulled her close and kissed her deeply for several seconds, they slowly turned as they did. When Jeuno finally stepped back, she looked into Siyyu's eyes, "The planets in this system can't support life, just keep your suit on, stay close to the pod, and I'll be come back for you very soon." she slapped a helmet on Siyyu's head and pushed her into the pod, hitting the panel to close it while her friend struggled to stand up from the seat. Siyyu was suddenly launched downward, almost lifting out of her seat from the g-forces.

the window suddenly showed only stars darting past. The pod slowly spun so that Siyyu could see what was happening to the ship. It was under attack by at least 4 ships that were keeping under the ship to avoid the heavy batteries. She watched in terror as part of the starboard exploded from a concentrated burst of enemy fire, and that was the last she saw as the pod continued to drift away.

Some time passed as Siyyu worried for the safety of her fellow crew members, and Jeuno. The pod suddenly jostled some, and she assumed it had been caught in the gravity well of a planet or moon. She looked out the window and saw the yellow surface of a barren moon slowly filling up the small piece of several inch thick glass. The pod jostled again, but Siyyu simply buckled up for a bumpy landing. Then the pod jolted and wouldn't stop shaking, but She just assumed this was just part of re-entry. A sudden jump that made her harnesses pop from stress made her realize that this wasn't right, and she was very, very worried. the pod jumped one more time as it went into a headlong spin, but this time Siyyu's upper harness snapped in two, sending Siyyu's helmeted face into the side of the pod, knocking her out instantly.

Her head was foggy and she felt stiff, but Siyyu came to realize that she was still alive. She didn't remember how to open her eyes, but based on how her back felt, she was lying down on something flat and hard. She heard sounds, unfamiliar harmonic sounds, like music from another country. Siyyu finally remembered how to open her eyes and decided to see where it was coming from.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes were a multitude of narrow metal arms, some of them with vicious looking weapons prepared to cut her open. She winced from an imaginary pain brought on by looking at them and looked down at her self.

First she realized her helmet was off, then she realized she no longer had her armor on, third was that she was out of the pod, and finally the room around her seemed a little undersized for her. She sat up and looked around to see that there were shelves above the level of her head, though they looked far too thin to really hold anything.

Her gaze eventually brought her to a far corner of the room, where she saw something surrounded by equipment. She watched it for a moment before noticing the pale pinkish tone it's skin had. Siyyu realized she was looking at a human.

Suddenly it yelled, raising it's arms into the air and hopped around. It stamped into the the ground in an almost rhythmic fashion as it whooped and made all kinds of noises. It was running in place while it's arms convulsed up and down when it's gaze turned towards her and froze in place.

Siyyu was certain there was either some mistake that this was one of the crafty and destructive creatures the soldiers often talked about, or it was completely insane. She looked at it in confusion as it slowly assumed a normal standing position, staring back at her the entire time. It took a small step forward but made no other advances.

'So this is a human.' Siyyu thought to herself, 'This is what we're fighting' she started to remember things, 'This is what is killing hundreds of my people. This is what is uprooting our outer settlements. THIS is why sisters, mothers, and aunts are mourning their lost loved ones. THIS is what was attacking the ship.' The humans expression was changing slowly to something like fear. 'THIS is what killed Jeuno!'

Siyyu couldn't contain it any longer, her concern and anger of what happened to the ship erupted from her with a violent yell and she reached out with an open hand, slamming down where the human was. It managed to dive out of harms way and ran across the wall, hiding behind things and started yelling something. Siyyu didn't care what it had to say, she wanted vengeance.

Siyyu got on all fours and swatted boxes and devices out of the way trying to get to the human. She wanted it to experience those last moments of fear she had felt before Jeuno had thrown her in the pod. The human ran into a corner and tried to run along the adjacent wall, but Siyyu crashed her fist down where it had intended to go, making it back into the corner before it huddled down hiding it's head.

Siyyu stared at it in anger, in hate. She raised her fist into the air to deliver the single destructive blow. If this creature didn't want to fear for its life than it shouldn't have instigated this war, it shouldn't have shed so much Alarian blood...IT SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED JEUNO!!!!



No, that wasn't fair...

This human probably had no idea of what had happened. It probably didn't even know about the battle that had happened in the system. It was here, doing what ever it had been doing the whole time.

A tear came to Siyyu's eye and she lowered her hand and wiped it away. That's when she realized something was on the back of her hand, a piece of cloth that was covering a small scrape she had. Siyyu looked down at herself and noticed at least a dozen similar clothes covering small wounds she had. She looked across the room and saw that the pod she was in cut into pieces, most of which were badly dented from the impact. She also saw her helmet was broken, the faceplate was shattered. If what Jeuno had said was true, then she wouldn't have been able to survive on this moon, but this human base had a livable atmosphere.

She also came to the realization that even though she had made so much commotion, no other humans came to investigate. Siyyu guessed that this human might have been the only one, and he must have been the one to bring her here. She had nearly killed someone who had saved her life, not only that but tended to her minor wounds.

Between this realization and not knowing what happened to the ship, Siyyu started to cry. Not just tearing up, she fell to her elbows and put her head on the floor and sobbed loudly, her throat choking up. The human had probably ran off in her moment of weakness, it would probably lock up this part of the base for her to starve.

That's when she felt something stroke her ear. She turned her head up to see the human standing there, its hand pulled back from the abruptness she had turned, a look of concern on its face.

(moments earlier)

Derrik was spellbound. She was sitting upright, towering some 15-20 feet in the air sitting down. He slowly assumed a normal standing position and dared to take a step closer. She didn't seem to react, but he didn't want to provoke her. After a moment, he noticed her facial expression starting to change.

She could change her facial expressions! Just how many traits did this alien have in common with humans? Then, Derrik's thought process eventually brought him to the conclusion that a 40-foot tall woman who was getting angry was not the healthiest thing for him at the moment.

He had no idea he could react so quickly when her hand suddenly shot at him. Derik managed to dive out of the way and he took off running along the wall, trying to hide behind anything he could find. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Not the day I had in mind!!" The giant woman started to crawl towards him, swatting hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment all over the place.

Derrik saw the corner ahead of him and began to cut across to get to the adjacent wall, but a blue fist the size of a keg smashed through a terminal prohibiting his escape. Derrik faced the giant woman backing into the corner, scared positively shitless. So he did the only thing he could do; huddle in the corner and wait for his end.

moments passed and Derrik didn't feel any thinner, so he dared to peek out to see what was happening. He saw her looking at herself and touching the clothes he had used to dress her light scrapes, then her lip started to quiver as tears started to roll down her cheeks before she fell to the floor and sobbed. Derrik's first thought was get out of there...but it felt like the wrong thing to do.

She was truly sad, whatever had happened before he found must have culminated upon her becoming conscious. Though he had no clue as to why she'd be so angry at him. Derrik felt his stomach twist in sympathy, telling him to comfort her, so he slowly approached her as she was crying. He wasn't sure how to go about getting her attention, but her ears were rather pronounced so he reached out and stroked them.

Immediately, she spun her face towards him. She looked scared, confused, ashamed, and most of saddened. He could see his face reflecting in her big, beautiful eyes, almost like she was looking for forgiveness for her recent actions. Derrik didn't want to impose on her face, so he pulled at one of her fingers from her fist and lay his head down, doing the best he could to portray it was alright.
This one's a bit shorter than the first, but I can't come up with a way to continue it without compromising how well i thought this ending came out.

Edit: spellchecked now

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Legacy setting, UEC, and Alarian/alaerin/alareen belong to :icondurendal5150:
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